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Only A Liberal Democrat Would Considering Assissinating Top Al Qaeda Soldiers Appalling.

My only complaint here is guys like Jack Idema had to be left out to dry for fear Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and their ilk would blow the cover on attempts to destroy Bin Laden and his deranged ilk.

Liberals are pathetic and the quicker this country wakes up, throws the lot out and gets back to the business of fighting our enemies in the dark corners with all our available assets, the quicker we can get onto other important issues, like cutting the size of government and tossing out all the illegals who tip the balance on our social resources.

America is directionless, floundering when we could be offing Radical Islamic scum with secret ops, drilling for our own oil, lower the tax burden, removing illegal criminals, taking the burden off the health care and educational systems and using natural gas to power the factories that could be building our new green infrastructure...Instea


Added: Jul-13-2009 
By: singlelife
Afghanistan, News
Tags: obama, scared, Bush, CIA
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