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Land of Genesis- Beautiful nature film!

This nature film was made by Israeli nature photographer Moshe Alfert and is showing the nature life of the land of Israel, also following 3 realistic personal stories of Wolves,Swamp cats and Ibex.

All of the scenes were taken in Israel landscape.

And for all the haters who will surely claim that this is how it was before Israel was born- In matter of fact many wild species, such as the Ibex,Vulture or Leopard were on the verge of extinction before the creation of state of Israel, due to wide spread hunting, and actually were saved as a result of long years nature projects and strict laws against hunting implemented by Israeli nature organizations.
Species as Lions,Syrian bears,Seals or Ostriches were extincted long BEFORE the creation of Israel, during the Arab/Ottoman periods. Some of them managed to return to the wild life of Israel due to Nature returning/saving projects.

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