Los Angeles County Ombudsman Help Sought in Alleged Fraud in LA Superior Court Online Servers

Los Angeles, March 8 – repeat request was filed by Dr Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles County resident, with Ombudsman Stephanie Maxberry, for guidance regarding filing a complaint regarding persons/agencies of Los Angeles County, who colluded in alleged fraud in operation of the online systems of Los Angeles Superior Court. In response to previous request for such assistance, [1] Ombudsman Maxberry referred Dr Zernik to complaint process of the Court itself. [2] In his repeat request for the Ombudsman’s help, Dr Zernik again emphasized that his request was for help in filing complaints against parties other than the court itself, who were colluding with the court in the alleged fraud.

With his repeat request, Dr Zernik provided detailed discussion of Sturgeon v LA County (BC351286), as one of the best examples of the alleged large-scale fraud perpetrated on the 10 million residents of LA County through collusion of LA Superior Court and the County of Los Angeles in the operation of servers of online court information. Such alleged fraud is conducted in parallel to denial of access to true court records of the LA Superior Court - alleged large-scale deprivation of First Amendment rights.

Sturgeon v LA County (BC351286), filed by Plaintiff Sturgeon - a Los Angeles County Resident and a taxpayer, represented by Judicial Watch of Southern California, was a request for an injunction against LA County, to stop the payments to ALL LA Superior Court judges, which were secretly transacted for over a decade (~$45,000 per judge per year). LA Superior Court joined the case as Intervenor, siding with Defendant LA County. The payments by LA County to LA Superior Court judges were eventually the subject of a paper issued by Cal Court of Appeal, 4th District in October 2008 - that such payments were "not permitted". Such payments eventually necessitated the signing on February 20, 2009 of pardons/"retroactive immunities" for all judges who took the "not permitted" payments - thereby documenting the liabilities faced by such judges.

Regardless of the high public policy significance of the case, Dr Zernik alleged that it was a clear example of the alleged fraud by collusion of the LA Superior Court and LA County: The Court denied access to the true court records in the case, while false and deliberately misleading records were published online by collusion of the Court and LA County. The level of distortion of court record is such that Dr Zernik claims that there was no valid Court record accessible to the public that established the foundation of Sturgeon v LA County (BC351286) as a true case of the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles; No valid Court record that established that the case was transferred outside of LA County, as falsely claimed; and no valid Court record that established the authority of Justice James A Richman, who presided in the case in the past couple of years.


[1] March 5, 2010 request for assistance by Los Angeles County Ombudsman Maxberry regarding alleged fraud in online servers of the Los Angeles Superior Court:

[2] March 8, 2010 response by Los Angeles County Ombudsman Maxberry regarding request for assistance in complaints alleging fraud in online servers of the Los Angeles Superior Court:


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