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Airbus parts being cut on 6 axis machines 
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as requested here is a quick vid I took with my phone of
some airbus parts being cut.
The first part going in is a rib 10 wing rib and on the second machine is a frame spar
being cut, each cut is taking 8mm depth cuts and as you see it isnt hanging about.
the machines are German made DST ecospeed F's with a 128kw spindle.they have
five axis's and then with the fitting of an angular head gives a sixth axis. for more info on the machine
check out this PDF link, all pictures of parts or angular heads in the PDF are from the 2nd
machine in the video as it was the first of its kind produced.

**** to add, I dont work there anymore and the parts are not secretive so no laws broken ;) *****

for another view of this machine in action check out the 2:10 mark of this video

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