Humanitarian Aid: A happy ending to one Donbass story

This is not a sad post. Quite the contrary.

Recently I told the story of the heroic and stunning Lyubov Chernyh from Lugansk. About how in the heat of summer, to stave off the threat of contagion in the city. And how she lost an arm and a leg when the farm was hit again.

Many men refused to go rake the rotting corpses of birds. Staying there for longer than 15 minutes was impossible. People lost consciousness. From the smell, the stench, the heat. Under almost constant shelling of the city.
Lyubov helped through it all. And lost one leg, and one arm.

When we visited her home in the village of Fabrichnoe, she asked for only one thing: "a wheelchair would be great - I only borrowed this one till spring, and the wheels are broken - almost do not turn."
And you know what?

After this blog post, people sent 4, imagine - 4 wheelchairs! One of which was sent all the way from Belgorod [Russia]! And we were able to distribute all four to others in need.

Also people began to send money, and we began to look for a special chair - convenient, light, one that a person could control with one hand. And we found one!

- Whom do we show how to assemble it, how does it work?
Lyubov is a real self-reliant Slavic woman:
- Me, show me everything. Otherwise, my family may screw it up.
While assembling the chair, we all stood around and did not know what to say. Everyone was on the verge of crying. But Lyubov is a fine psychologist. She instantly defused it with jokes. Told me about her grandson, herself.
- I can not take being useless. I want to help in some way. I peel potatoes before my son comes home, always. I can not be empty ballast. Unbearable.

Her son brings her a crutch, a plastic container strapped to it.
- Take a picture and show it. Maybe it could come in handy to someone else? Without a way to support the arm stump, you can’t even use a crutch. We were stumped for a long time, if you know what I mean. And then my son came up with this!

Lyubov constantly manages to make fun of herself. Does not lose heart, makes fun of her family members, too.

- Lyubov, can we take a picture?
- Hold on, I need to put on makeup!

When we finished assembling the wheelchair, Lyubov did not even realize that it is a special one for one-handed operation. At first, she constantly tried to help steer with her leg, out of habit. Could not get used to the ease of travel.
I will not upload the video, I can only say one thing. She did not simply burst into tears ...
We told her that caring people sent her four other wheelchairs. That, thanks to her, these wheelchairs can help other people. What can I say?
All eyes there were wet with tears.
How to explain this?
It’s difficult. It is difficult to convey her sense of gratitude and surprise that someone out there cared about her, and our sense of gratitude. Our thanks to caring people who sent money and chairs. Who felt her pain as their own. Thank you! From me, Lyubov, from all of us!
I did not want to write this phrase, it is too pretentious. But I this is the feeling we had in those three days in Donbas:
In such moments, you realize that do not live in vain.

And one can dream about finding prosthetics for Lyubov...

Source:Evdokiya Sheremet'eva AKA littlehirosima,

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From the translator: Should someone wish to help, Evdokiya's contacts are in the other links, she speaks English fine. Unfortunately, there is no quick&easy way, WU is probably best. I've sent some cash, Evdokiya didn't have the chance to pick it up yet with all the trips, but should come through fine.