The "Strange Sounds Heard Around The World" EXPLAINED Once And For All


Over the past several months a whole host of videos from around the world claiming to capture strange unexplained other worldly sounds from all over the world have cropped up on the internet. Barcelona, Czech Republic, Mexico, Chile, France, Canada, Russia, Australia, you name it.

The sounds that started this HOAX come from the movie "Red State". The first 'Strange Sounds' video was posted to youtube in August of 2011 and it contains the PRECISE soundtrack from the movie. Watch both videos in order below for the proof.

Sounds in question are in a clip from the Red State movie at 4:40:

Now compare to the youtube hoax. It all started in Kiev with the following video:

Case fucking CLOSED. Now every nit wit with a video camera is copycatting the hoax with whatever odd sound they please. It is all complete nonsense.

The first video is from youtube user V00D00SIXXX