Abu Azrael , the angel of Death for ISIS

This guy people called him in iraq abo israel in english translation
the angel of death because he has killed over 500 isis terrorists in
iraq in last battle of tikrit .abo israel is used to be normal college
teacher of sports and he also gained a championship in karate and
shooting before isis attacked on iraq and killed a lot of his people he
decided to fight them and now he is a true hero to his people.

He captured here an ISIS walkietalkie and actually speaks to the ISIS.

Translation MANY MANY THANKS for it LivingLife !

He is basicly swearing that this Radio is
ISIL.. they are listening on them and probably will be going to attack
them that night..

He said we removed the Radio Call Button so we don't press by mistake and they discover we are listening..

One of the ISIL guys who talked on the Radia .. The Soldier commented and said this guy is close to Al-Baghdadi..

One of them ISIL.. on the Radia said we are sourrended .. And the soldier said they are sournded and have no place to run..

At the end, saying we'll make you like we make flour.. Meaning ISIL will turn into something like that.. nothing more :)
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