Sea Shepherd Supporters protest twice at Japanese Embassy

On the 6th of February, 4 Sea Shepherd ships were at sea blocking
Japan's illegal whaling fleet from killing their first whale of the
year. In support of that Sea Shepherd fleet, local animal rights
protesters showed up at the Japanese Embassy at around 11AM.

There was an unusually strong police defense of the Embassy, with
"protest pen" fence segments used to block the driveways and yellow tape
strung between them. No previous whaling protest there met this sort of
police response, not even when a very noisy mock LRAD (mocking the one
used against Sea Shepherd by whalers) was deployed a few years ago.

As soon as protesters left, they noticed cops removing the barricades.
Therefore, the activsts decided to return after eating a vegan lunch.
Shortly after 2PM, a second noisy protest started, this time with the
cops caught off-guard and only the Embassy's normal security staff
present at first. Cops showed up soon after, but could not bring back
the fences and barricades on such short notice.