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440+ School Age Children Shot in Gun-Controlled Chicago

Chicago has been a shining city on a hill for gun-grabbers for
decades. In fact, so extreme is the gun control in the Windy City that
prior to the 2010 Supreme Court decision in McDonald v. Chicago, you couldn't even have a gun in your own house with which to defend yourself or your family.

In other words, a Chicago home owner was like a public school teacher
-- he had to sit defenseless with his fingers crossed and simply hope
the criminals didn't target his house on a given day or night.
Even now, after the McDonald decision, you have jump through myriad hoops to get a gun. And, although they are working on it, concealed carry has yet to be legalized.

So in a gun-control-utopia such as this, you'd expect school-age
children to be safe from all harm, if you buy into the the


Added: Dec-25-2012 
By: USMCSniper
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