Electronic Harassment #1 - Porn on Laptop

This is a recording from the built-in webcam of a demo laptop within a store.

The laptop, conveniently running Microsoft Windows and having an Internet connection, was remotely hacked, had soft-porn uploaded to it, and was then commanded to display the erotic video for the audience. It was stopped multiple times by the staff (white and blue shits), but was restarted each time they went away.

The video was streamed live from the laptop at only 1 fps, but is sped up in the video. I uploaded the recording to Youtube, the store manager and media caught attention, and it was quickly removed as a result. Newspapers wrote that the porn was uploaded with an USB stick and that the recording was retrieved the same way, and so did the one TV report in the local news.

I did not do this! I received this video through MSN from a guy I forgot who is, who asked me to upload it for him; I told the police the same, and said the same in a radio interview. I do not know if the person/fish who is responsible for this heard about my police encounter, but it almost seems like it, since there haven't been an Electronic Harassment #2, yet?

Don't complain about the kids seeing it, there were no pussy or dick shots.