Surveillance video captures helicopter crash Jan 05/09

CCTV,January,05/09,A businessman died and five people were injured in a helicopter crash/explosion occurred on the afternoon of Monday (5) in Itupeva, to 73 km from Sao Paulo. The pilot and the aircraft copiloto were taken to a hospital in the city with serious injuries.

The helicopter went out of Paraty, in Rio, the second at 15.30. The accident happened around 17h, when the pilot was preparing to land on a farm of Itupeva. At about 20 meters from the ground, the helicopter exploded and caught fire. Besides the pilot and the copiloto, the aircraft were a couple, a teenage daughter and a friend.

According to police, the businessman was arrested and died in hardware burned. The woman and two teenagers had minor injuries. The businessman who died in the accident was the owner of a factory boats and barges.