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Rare Thomas Edison Film from 1904 (no sound)

Still entertaining, 100+ years later .... more info below.

Thomas Edison is
known the world over as the father of the light bulb and nearly a thousand
other inventions, but few people are aware that the Wizard of Menlo Park also
tried his hand at film-making.

On April 29, 1904,
the renowned inventor of the first motion picture camera, or Kinetograph,
brought a Japanese juggler and his young assistant to his New York City studio
to record a video showcasing their amazing acrobatic feats.

The grainy
black-and-white footage, which clocks in under 2 minutes, opens with the man
and boy walking onto a stage with a painted backdrop of a garden or park,
giving a slight bow to the camera and removing their silk jackets

The famous inventor’s production venture
released more than 340 films until it shuttered its doors in 1918, most of them

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