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Islam - Worlds most Intolerant Religion ... better Cult

Muhammad Terrorist or Prophet?
Bible Probe
Apostate of Islam
The Religion of Peace
Jihad Watch
Understanding Mohammed!
Terrorism Awareness
Stop Honour Killings

There is no such thing as "moderate muslims",
nor is there a "radical Islam."

The people being called terrorists are simply
following the Quran, Hadith, and Sira and the life
of Muhammad who spent his entire career waging
bloody slaughter, raids, raping, plundering and
taking slaves.

This is what Islam IS!

The sugar coated "religion of peace"
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Added: May-18-2008 
By: stephanie5
Tags: islam, violence, ex-muslim, muslim, apostate, apostasy, mohammed, muhammed, quran, koran, cult, hadith
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