A Little-Known Lifting Bridge and a Canal in Paris

Here's an unusual bridge in the North-East of Paris: it goes up to let boats through, then down again and street traffic can resume.
See the location of the bridge at this link and be sure to use the zoom feature for details:

Here's a history of the Ourcq Canal from Wikipedia:


The next videoby Nat'l Geo. is about the canal proper, where it traverses a protected forest (Sevran Forest) which has no other access than by water, so that the flora and fauna can live and reproduce undisturbed. The language is in French. The guardian of the canal explains he succeeded his father in the position, and expresses amazement that such wilderness can be found so close to Paris.There are great birdsongs and insects to be heard.

Of additional interest is the area preceding it (shown at the very beginning on a satellite view) named "Friche industrielle" which means an area which used to be industrialized but is now abandoned and where Nature is taking over.


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