UK Police Attacked By "Locals" During Immigration Raid In Shadwell, Where Over 50% Are Muslim

Not sure what the guy is saying in the video. Probably something about there not being enough young girls to abuse since the locals all started fleeing.

A gang of Muslim youths launched an astonishing attack on vans being used for an immigration raid – in the week David Cameron called upon the Muslim community to ‘support the British way of life’.

In the ‘disturbing’ incident in East London last week, three vans marked ‘Immigration Enforcement’ and an unmarked silver car were badly vandalised.

More than a dozen officials arrived in Shadwell on Wednesday to round up three suspected illegal Bangladeshi immigrants from a shop. They returned to their Home Office vehicles in the next street to find the vans’ tyres had been sliced open and the paintwork scratched. The officers were then pelted with eggs before police were called.

Beneath a link to a video of the damaged vehicles on Facebook, Jenny Hussain added: ‘Lol. I heard about it. They were asking people for wheels. Everyone said no to them.’

When The Mail on Sunday visited the scene on Friday, one shopkeeper said: ‘The police deserve it. They are always down here hassling us.’

A worker at Bigland Tyres – which is opposite where the attack took place – last night denied claims they declined to help. He said: ‘We tried to help them but we didn’t have any tyres big enough to fit their vans. We offered to give them air, but there was no point because the tyres had big holes in them.’

More than half the population of Shadwell is Muslim, according to the 2011 census.