Occupy the DOJ/ White House civil disobediance for Trayvon and Mumia

On the 24th of April, a day long speakout and hip hop gathering in front
of the so-called "Department of Justice" celebrated the birthday of
Mumia-Abu Jamal by demanding the release of ALL political prisoners as
well as the serious prosecution of George Zimmerman for the racist
murder of Trayvon Martin.

The rally lasted from 11 AM to about 3PM with hundreds present, to the
considerable embarassment and inconveniance of those who shut the gates
of justice in the faces of people of color.

At around 3PM, the entire protest marched all the way around the
Department of Justice, than all the FBI, before marching to the White
House for a civil disobedience protest.

At the White House the whole march swarmed the "prohibited zone" on the
sidewalk directly in front of the White House, and one sign was placed
on the side of the fence facing the White House, to the considerable
consternation of Secret Service. It was recoveered and the protest

At one point, someone from one of the African-American militant groups
spotted a souvenier Obama pen dropped on the sidewalk and stomped it
under his polished boot! I can't think of a better way to show utter
disappointment in someone who was SUPPOSED to be a Black president than
that simple but clear act.

Shortly after Park Police cleared the area of everyone except the civil
disobedience team, someone from the support rally was mysteriously
arrested by Park Police and dragged to the area of the CD for
processing. The CD itself looked like around 20 people, many in orange
jumpsuits, refusing to leave the prohibited zone.

Caught with their pants down by the choice of the White House as the
target for the CD, the Park Police held off on reading out warnings
until a "pen layer" truck could be summoned to replace police tape with
steel fences. There were still an estimated 350 people on site at this
time. Horse cops were also brought in, and as warnings were read out,
they were positioned to block as much camera view of the arrests as

The Washington Post reported 28 arrests, unsure if that is just the CD or includes the support person who was arrested