Sticky Light: Interacting with a beam of pure light.

Snippet from the website:
A laser spot bounces on a figure being drawn on paper, trying to escape the labyrinth of lines.
There is no camera nor projector; Sticky Light proposes an experience where the audience can touch and interact with a beam of pure light - and even play a pong game with bare hands.

The quality of the laser light, and the fluidity of the motion makes for a very unique experience. The piece is based upon a 3d tracking technology developed at Ishikawa Oku Laboratory in 2003, using a laser diode, a pair of steering mirrors, and a single non-imaging photodetector called the "smart laser scanner". The hardware is very unique: since there is no camera nor projector (with pixellated sensors or light sources), tracking as well as motion can be extremely smooth and fluid. (The laser power is less than half a milliwatt - half the power of a not very powerful laser pointer - and does not
supposes any hazard). When alone, the laser dot perform enlarging spirals until it finds some objet of interest with which to play (fingers, hands, drawings, etc). A dialog then establishes naturally
between the user and the spot of light - whose wanderings seems always playful and purposeful.