F-22 shot down by Mig-29

Leak photo showed US piloted F-22 "shot" down by a Malaysian piloted Mig-29 during the recent Exercise Cope Taufan in Malaysia. The photo showed the F-22 failed to radar jam the Mig and was releasing flares to avoid missile lock-on by the Mig-29, but was later nailed by cannon fire instead.

It was reported the Mig was piloted by a Malaysian-Chinese pilot who claimed the F-22 was in ambush mode while going stealth (in passive mode) with no radar emission and using a F-15 to bait the Malaysian jets, but he could detect it with the new Russian radar installed last year.
Photo was taken by helmet-cam from a F-15 which was trying to assist the F-22. It breaks off after the F-22 was nailed as another F-29 tried to radar lock him.