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The European Union denounced as it is...

EU propaganda lesson ? Very easy, so just
call "democracy" your technocratic, bureaucratic project of an entire
continent leaded by anonymous "expert" staff ruling all the countries
over the elected leaders. And call fascism or nationalism each and every
of signs of aspiration for democracy, for power for the people, for
freedom of choice.

That's why the remembrance of WWII is always used. The message is simple
: democracy = division = WAR ; Technocracy = unity = PEACE. "If you want the people you elect to have real power and to be more the mere starlets, that means you want WAR".

Added: Feb-19-2012 Occurred On: Feb-19-2012
By: olifaxe
Tags: NWO, disctatorship, wall street, market, bankrupt, bank, banksters, elite, people, democracy, debt.
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