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President Obama Interviewed on Fox News - the end is near . . . =P

Did Obama answer these questions? If so, please explain, not just interject rhetoric, how well you feel the question was answered.

1. Will the jobs bill raise the debt or will you demand that it be deficit neutral?

2. [What do you make of the Presidents reaction to the topic of the false information in regards to job creation?]

3. Do you support or oppose GM using bailout funds for its overseas operations, specifically Opal?

4. Why is the delay of the signing of the health care bill acceptable? Are you (Obama) upset about it?

5. Will you sign legislation on health care that includes the Stupac language?

6. By how much will you miss the deadline to close Guantanimo by executive order? How upset are you about that?

Added: Nov-19-2009 
By: jsczerby
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