Syrian Guerillas Film Museum Helicopter To Make Video Of "Defected Helicopter"

Hilarious, guerillas go to the museum and film this helicopter on display, and post it as a defected Syrian army helicopter!!! They print out an emblem of the "Free Syrian Army", take it with them and use it in the museum!!!

The first video: exposure of the fake video translated into English. Starts by showing the fake video made by the "FSA", with annotations. Then shows the same helicopter in the museum, with annotations on points which prove that they are the same.

The second video: the original video uploaded by the "Free Syrian Army", without annotations. It can also be seen on with the title "army helicopter in the hands of the rebels" and the hilarious description "the pilot joined to the rebels after emptying ammunition on al-shabihah". The video was also uploaded several times on youtube, see for example with the title (translated) "the defected helicopter with the emblem of the Free Syrian Army on it, Allahu Akbar". The latter also came with a hilarious description (translated) "we advise all pilots to take a vacation in Turkey with their helicopters, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar".

One wonders if Borat has joined the "Free Syrian Army".