US special forces using automatic grenade launcher in a fight with Islamic State near Mosul

Throwback to October, 2016. US special forces engaging Islamic State fighters outside Mosul. These guys were embedded with us during the initial phase of the Mosul operation, and trust me when I say this, guys... they kicked ass! Most of the action happend during nighttime, but we had some fun during the days as well. When the guy in the begining of the video was preparing his 40 mm automatic grenade launcher and yelled "Say hello to my little friend!" in a Tony Montana voice before sending burst after burst towards the enemy shooting at us... one of the happiest moments in my life. Thanks, guys, you saved lives out there. #peshmerga #marsoc #mosul


By: 6jarjar6 (84.00)

Tags: Iraq,ISIS,Mosul

Location: Mosul, Iraq