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The Case for Chastity

by Christine O'Donnell, special to the Cultural Dissident, November 9, 1998

Adolph Hitler once said that to engineer a society you must first engineer its language. Starting with the youth, he set in motion a design to erode the power of words, to steal the significance and beauty of a single word.
We can see the unfolding of that plan in our society. Society's " sexual liberation" has unleashed an entirely new lexicon. For example, "gay" has always meant joyful and gleeful. Yet, today, when we say that Ellen is gay, we're certainly not talking about her emotional well being.

In the same way, even Christians have become caught up in the new uses for old words, often in an effort to remain competitive in the public debate. Words like abstinence and phrases such as secondary virginity are now commonplace in the marketplace of ideas put forth to counter the sexual ideology of the 9


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