Khaldiyeh Neighborhood Clensed Today by SAA, Homs Governate to Return to Stability and Freedom Very Soon.

On 5 October, Homs experienced its worst bombardment in months when
warplanes, tanks and artillery fired missiles and mortars at rebel
controlled neighborhoods, including Old Homs, Khaldiya, Qusour and
Jouret el-Shayah.
On 8 October, government forces advanced into the rebel-held
Khalidiya district amid heavy fighting and what was described as the
most vicious attack by the Army yet. The advance was confirmed by the
rebels who stated they were forced to retreat due to the artillery fire
destroying several buildings that were being used by the opposition
fighters as a barrier between them and the military.
A military source said that the Army launched a broad offensive to
take control of all remaining Homs quarters and the neighbouring city of
Al Qusayr as well. The source expected the operation to take one week
to be completed.
A Homs resident living in a rebel-held neighbourhood said that the
shelling was very heavy. He added that the Syrian army was currently
controlling 75% of the city and that the rest could fall at any moment
because of the strength of the Army attack.