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Anonymous' response to Anonymous:Hate Crimes

Well, listening to the criticisms of my last video, I feel this one is a bit superior. I worked less on the wording because I had to get it out on a time schedule, and I think the background music is cliche'd, but eh. I think you'll be interested to see what me and the rest of the pixel jockeys dug up from their slip-up.

Complete(Yes, accurate) script below.
In the past week, a youtube user called "AnonymousFacts" posted the official $cientology 'report' on Anonymous.
The Scientologist account has published one video thus far.
The name of this mistake: Anonymous: Hate Crimes.

The video contained claims of bomb threats, arsen threats, and illegal operations.
Harassing phone calls and emails were precision-counted to the ones place.
Anonymous was accused of ten acts of vandalism.
Curiously, these acts of vandalism never did make the news.

In the video, four clips from Anon

Added: Mar-16-2008 
By: ChanologySpeaker
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