Vojislav Seselj outside of the Palace of Justice burned the flag of croatian Nazi ustasha state (NDH)

President of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) Vojislav Seselj burned today in front of the Palace of Justice in Belgrade Croatian flag.

Seselj is an act called the response Croatian state officials who, as he said, a month attacked as being "struck mace in the head."

"I send a message to the croatian nazi ustasha state," said Seselj and burned the flag in front of reporters to whom he gave a statement and several hundred supporters who cheered him on this occasion.

Seselj came to the Palace of Justice where to begin trial of his deputy Nemanja Sarovic who was accused of spreading religious, racial and national hatred such as the 2013 protest in front of the Presidency of Serbia burned the flag of Kosovo, the US, EU and NATO.

US Ambassador to Belgrade Michael Kirby said today that Serbia has changed a lot since the time when Vojislav Seselj left for The Hague, to be located on the European road and working hard on friendly relations with its neighbors, and that it is Serbia that he wants to see .

Kirby said that he would have nothing against if Seselj be returned to The Hague, adding that it depends on the final decision of the court.

Vojislav Seselj: Relations with Croatian never been good; My goal is to stop Serbia to become EU member

SRS leader Vojislav Seselj denied today that his behavior may be detrimental to Serbia and its citizens, and pointed out that his actions "only revealed the true essence of the relations between Serbia and Croatian", which never, he said, were good and friendly.

At the press conference, Seselj said that Croatian-Serbian relations were never good, honest, friendly, and were never based on trust.

She was pripsao credit for it as the essence of these relationships made public.

- Croats were always so behaved in internal contacts, and our continuously, as the Serbs would say, took off his pants - said Seselj, stating that a serious government would never acted on small provocation, like the burning of the Croatian flag.

- My goal is that Serbia would never become an EU member. There we have nothing to look, there are concentrated all our enemies. It would definitely ruin us - said Seselj and reiterated that it is safe to return voluntarily to return to The Hague and to provide passive resistance against possible arrest.

Seselj said that he had no contact with the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, nor with any representative of the authorities in Serbia, on its possible voluntary surrender, nor was there any attempt in this direction.