Man shot by police in Belgium after putting gun against head of woman (video)

The shooting incident took place around 18 pm in the Flanders Street in the center of Ghent. The police went on site and the road was completely closed. Ghent local police confirmed that there was a shooting, but said that all danger has passed.

"We had a call stating that there is an armed man on the road. Our teams have gone there and found a man with a gun. They summoned him to drop the weapon. The man did not follow the orders, after which they neutralized him. E can not provide other information as part of the judicial investigation. "

The facts are likely to have nothing to do with terrorist motifs.

The prosecutor and the investigation team are on site for further investigation. A legal practitioner and an arms expert was appointed. The research should include making clear whether the police were justified to shoot the man, it was learned at the Ghent section of the parquet East Flanders. "There is a judicial inquiry started, both the victim's expense (the armed man, ed.) And the detriment of the police officers who hit him. The further conditions must be investigated," said prosecutor spokeswoman Julie Van Hoorebeke.

Some sources report based on evidence that the man had placed his gun against the head of a woman, but that information could not confirm the police and the prosecutor. The man was seriously injured taken to hospital, but his further condition is not yet clear. No one else got hurt at the facts. The identity of the man and his motives, there are no details yet.

The parquet tomorrow gives more information about the shooting.


By: Sintypitch (48.40)

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Location: Ghent, Belgium