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Our World is changing Part11.

Nasa knows about it, the world`s goverments knows of it, so the people of Earth should also know about it.

By July 2009 it will be visible as a faint reddish object and by 2012 it will be visible as a "second sun".

Why are we not warned by our Governments? How did the Sumerians know about Nibiru? Who are the "Annunaki?" Who are the "Nephilim?" Why is our global weather pattern changing so rapidly and drastically? Global warming? I don't think so.

Added: Jan-21-2008 
By: llSnOwll
Tags: DNA, Implant, Nibiru, Planet, Eris, Orpheus, Marduk, Sumerians, Annunaki, Nephilim, NASA, 2009, 2012, WW3, Atomic, Iraq, Disasters, giants
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