ANNA: The operation in Al Qaboun. Part 6. Before the battle. (Syria, 2013) HD [EN subs in desc]

as title. Syrian troops prepare to battle. Part 7 soon.

translation of russian:
0:13 In this part will not be told about the battle.
0:17 We show syrian troops before battle.
0:22 We show them, without embellishment.
0:42 After a few minutes they will go clean the country from bandits.
2:05 They are all very different, unites them in one thing, love of homeland.
2:28 No one will answer, whether they all come back. But they know what for they are fighting.
5:33 Armored vehicles come back to pick up next group of solders.
10:13 Footage of battle in the next part (Part 7)

Hello Kitty @5:23