The Extremist Mania in Society

This BLM & SJW manufactured rage is endemic of the internet age. An age where we find ourselves obsessed with the extreme behaviors and actions of others.

The internet allows certain groups of people to connect, communicate, and feed each other with extremist and sensationalized stimuli 24/7, thus resulting in a cacophony of self-reinforcing rage. Garbage in, garbage out. Stimulus in, brainwashing out.

This focus on the overreach of certain issues acts like a rapidly swinging pendulum which then further exaggerates reactions to it. We now find ourselves reacting to the overreaction of others, who in turn react to our overreactions. Gone, apparently, is any sense of rationality or relativity and even more importantly, the time component to think for ourselves.

- USA1



By: USA1 (19435.54)

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