British Starburst missle took down Russian plane - no bomb

Someone within US intelligence called the Michael Savage radio show and said the bomb story is false. Obama & Putin know it was a British Starburst missile traveling at mach 4 fired by either Saudi or ISIS fighters using a hand held launcher. An analyst added that when Obama retreated from his "line in the sand" and made the Iran deal, the Saudis (Sunni) knew they were alone and allied with ISIS.

Why are they spreading the bomb lie and not the missile facts: According to the caller they want to boost TSA and grant it much greater power and use it in greatly expanded ways.

ISIS released a video showing their take down of the airliner:

Savage begins subject and Caller explains missile info and hangs up. a bomber pilot explains an airliner can be shot down by hand held missile launcher:

It has already been reported that ISIS has missiles that can shoot down airliners: