Great scenery caught by RC plane with on-board video system

This is one of the coolest things I've seen. There's not only a camera mounted on top of the RC plane ["RC-EYE"], but the camera also swivels in 360 degrees, allowing the hobbyist to shoot footage from any desired horizontal angle of view. For example: you could shoot footage from the back of the RC plane [180 degrees] at the same time you're flying the plane. Coolness :-) I wonder how difficult it is to do both at the same time [rotating the camera while flying the plane]

I don't know about the "legalities" of using such toy [this gizmo obviously allows you to use it as a "spying" tool] but it must be a very cool thing to play with.

There's no mention about whether audio can be captured [that would close the cycle of coolness!]. I guess it depends on the type of camera used and whether it has an on-board audio capture system such as with most of today's digital cameras.

If you have one or plan on having one, just make sure you keep in visual touch with it: you could otherwise lose it lol.

Enjoy the flight!
- video encodings still in process -


By: Benji1 (8387.20)

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