Jewish Congresswoman Jane Harman Caught Spying for AIPAC (Pro Israel Lobby In US) On WireTap

Picture: Rabbi Michael Lerner

The New York Times, say that Democrat California Jewish Congresswomen Jane Harman was caught on the wiretap telling the Israeli agent that she would
lobby Bush administration officials to reduce the charges against the two members of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) accused of
spying. In exchange, the sources said, the Israeli agent promised to help her get appointed chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Rabbi Michael Lerner declared in his publication, TIKKUN, that the ISRAELI LOBBY IS...

"Bad for the World,

Bad for the
United States, and

Bad for the Jews"

Rabbi Michael Lerner has a long article regarding Israel Lobbyists and their influence on the U.S. Congress. From the article on September 16, 2007:

“To take an example from these past few months of the Israel Lobby exercising its power, liberals in the House of Representatives in the spring of 2007
sought to include in the defense-funding budget an amendment that would require specific authorization from Congress before the Administration could use
the defense budget monies for a military strike at Iran. The amendment failed. Most liberals in the U.S. today oppose preventive wars in general and a
military strike against Iran in particular. So who supports such a move? The answer is: the right wing government of Israel and its champion in the U.S.,
the Israel Lobby.

“At the meeting I was at, every Member of Congress tried to explain why Nancy Pelosi would never let me address the Democratic Caucus of the House (at that time, the
minority caucus): House Democrats are too fearful of what AIPAC might do in response. I told these Members of Congress that I didn’t believe them; that I
thought that House of Representative liberals were just pretending to be fearful of AIPAC in order to avoid a battle and stand up publicly for Tikkun’s
middle path position. But then they began to tell me specific stories from their own experience of the threats they had received from the Israel Lobby
people about being labeled as ‘anti-Israel.’ They told me stories of it being impossible to convene a private meeting of Democrats who would want to
challenge the Israel Lobby because when they had tried that they had found that every name of the attendees was in the hands of AIPAC lobbyists within an
hour of the conclusion of that meeting and many of the attendees had been subject to immediate and intense pressure as though they had decided to abandon
Israel (which they had not, nor is that what Tikkun calls for).”
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