UK's ITV 4 video shows White Helmet embedded w/ al-Zinki terrorists who beheaded boy

Just released report from ITV channel 4 UK catches them promoting disgusting propaganda to make the murderous al-Nusra and other terrorist groups seem legitimate. Note the terminology such as “shoulder to shoulder” “liberators” and "working alongside". Its pure BS and the level of deception is disgusting in its presentation. The US and UK are actually considering giving the group called the White Helmets a Nobel Peace Prize. These White Helmets are terrorists financed through USAID who killed the real Syrian Civil Defence. In the video a White Helmet member can be seen wearing a White Helmet shirt while conducting operations ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with al-Zinki terrorists. This is the same group that beheaded a 12 year old Palestinian boy in the back of a truck in July 2016. The White Helmet member is visible at the 2:27 mark.



By: californiastars (572.00)

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Location: Aleppo, Syria