Maltese police accused of brutality

According "Malta today", a Maltese police sergeant has been caught on camera violently kicking an elderly French lady in the upper torso and neck, knocking her senseless for more than three minutes.

The video-clip opens abruptly with the close-up of a heated argument between the female driver (aged approximately 70) of a French-registered Nissan, and a somewhat heavily built police sergeant, estimated to be in his mid-forties. From the outset, the elderly lady appears agitated because the police sergeant had planted himself in the way of her shutting her car door. For his part, the sergeant is seen talking on his mobile phone and ignoring the lady?s repeated attempts to move him out of the way.

Investigations carried out by Malta Today later revealed that the lady had attracted police attention by honking repeatedly at a coach which had blocked the road for several minutes. It was also reported that she did not speak English fluently, and insisted on speaking to the policeman in French.