Dropping a Deuce on Bar Knapp O'Drama (Art)

I took the advice of a moderator. In order for this video to not be subject to being blocked or deleted, the sound has been eliminated using software. You won't hear the sound of urination, gas being discharged as feces are dropped on the UN Warlord fictional character, Bar Knapp O'Drama, printed out out on paper which is later set alight. You won't hear the band, Insane Clown Posse, doing their Tilt-A-Whirl song. Warning: this video can be considered in poor taste, alarming, inappropriate, and inflammatory. Discretion is advised.

To get the video experience as the original artist intended, I suggest that you click on the 2nd embedded video, click in the lower part of the video, so that the youtube video starts playing in a new window, and then hit play for the 1st, soundless video. They will then mate up close to the original. The original, with sound, probably was banned from youtube for copyright violations. There is no copyright violation as the video is offered as part of public domain without the sound.

I would offer my standing ovation for the unknown individual(s) involved in the making or the original video posted on youtube probably around the beginning of February 2013. The actual location of where the video was shot is unknown. Please enjoy and share. Art is for viewing and considering its layers.