Ron Paul Speech - We Are the Future Rally

Libertarian policies reflect those principles of the American Founding Fathers and of the Enlightenment Philosophers that came before them. Denial of libertarian belief and thought is a refutation of the foundation on which the United States is built.

All countries of the world would benefit by recognizing that governments have no authority or legitimacy without the consent of those whom they govern. Further, all countries that have advanced freedom and liberty by respecting and enforcing individual rights have prospered. Only with liberty do you have true prosperity.

Nations have failed to recognize these principles. They have infringed on the rights of the individual and denied their autonomy. Beliefs in rights are viewed as those "given" by the state. Citizens are viewed as animals that are fed, housed, and cared for; yet may be used and even slaughtered when the interests of the state call for it. The masses are placated and taught to be happy with what is provided them.

There are those who have stood up to this fallacy. There are those who have recognized that our rights are inherent, that the sole role of government is to advance these rights, and that only by advancing these rights, do we prosper.


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