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Mohammed vs King David

Im sick of all these unknowlegable people insulting Prophet Mohammed and calling him crazy. He obviously thought he was a prophet enough to create Islam. So why question the man? If anyone has a beef and says Mohammed was violent and a murderer, then let me ask you about King David, The son of King Solomon. Did he not defeat and kill the whole philistine army? Did he not sling a stone at Goliaths head and defeat him? Did King David in his youth...not cut off Goliath's head and bring it back to Jerusalem. You judgemental people need a Holy Bible lesson. Its not Islam thats bad. Its some of its uneducated followers that are reading the koran and taking it too literal. If us Christians read the old testament and took it literal, then we would know how to take care of our slaves, and a son would be stoned to death for insulting his/her parents.


Added: Oct-21-2007 
By: BobbyHill36
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