AK-47: World's Most Popular Firearm

A short history of the AK-47/AKM past and present.

Over 150 - 200 million AK-47's and AKM's have been manufactured world-wide. In fact so many have been made in so many countries (Iraq, Egypt, Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria and China, and even recently, the USA have manufactured it) that the real production figure is unknown.

A technical note is that the rifle most of the world knows as the "AK-47" are mostly, correctly called the "AKM". The "AK-47" was the first models made by Russia with a milled receiver. The weapon was later reworked in the "AKM" which has a receiver made of sheet metal, usually 1 mm or 1.6 mm in thickness. The AKM was designed to make the AK-47 even faster and cheaper to produce - much in the same method that the MG-34 machine gun of the 1930's - 1940's the Germans later reworked into the cheaper, simpler MG-42.

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