Man Interrupts Elizabeth Warren Town Hall: ‘You’re a Socialist Whore’

just look at how baddy the poor man was treated by those angry, ahte filled Liberals

Just moments into a speech before volunteers in Massachusetts Wednesday, senate candidate Elizabeth Warren was heckled by a member of the audience. The man told Warren that if she is in fact the “intellectual creator” of the Occupy movement, then she is a “socialist whore.”

The man, who claimed to be out of work since February 2010, blasted Warren for her support of Occupy and asserted that the Tea Party has been protesting Wall Street excess for far longer than OWS has.

Before the gender-based epithet was used, Warren told the man she was “very sorry” that he has been unemployed for so long and then suggested his situation would have improved if the “recent jobs bill” had been passed in the Senate.

“I‘m very sorry that you’ve been out of work,” Warren told the man. “I‘m also very sorry that the recent jobs bill that would’ve brought 22,000 jobs to Massachusetts did not pass in the Senate.” adds:

Speaking in a packed VFW hall, Warren went on to address his question about her association with Occupy Wall Street. “I‘ve been protesting what’s been going on on Wall Street for a very long time,” she said, but added that the movement has its own independent agenda and will proceed along its own course.

“Yeah, so has the Tea Party,” the man said, before losing his cool.

“Well, if you’re the intellectual creator of that so-called party,” he said, “you’re a socialist whore. I don’t want anything to do with you.” The crowd shouted him down as he added that Warren’s “boss,” presumably referring to the president, was “foreign-born.” He then attempted to storm out through a side door. Finding it locked, he retreated out the back of the VFW hall instead.

The man was referencing Warren’s earlier claim in which she took of the Occupy movement.

After the event, Warren stated the she “actually felt sorry for the guy” for being unemployed for a year and a half. ”And bless his heart, I mean, he thought somehow it would help to come here and yell names,” she told HuffPost.”

She then said it was not the heckler she was upset with but rather the ones “pre-packaging“ the ”poison” the man presumably bought into.

“I was thinking more about the heckler. I’m not angry with him, but he didn’t come up with the idea that his biggest problem was Occupy Wall Street. There’s someone else pre-packaging that poison — and that’s who makes me angry,” she said.

The article in HuffPo refers to the heckler as a Tea Party “supporter” but there is nothing in the report or related video to suggest this is true.


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