Rapper Jah Youth makes video about murder he's charged with while out on bail

While he was free on bail for a murder charge in a man's beating death in Cradock, a video of Jah-Youth Sutton was posted on YouTube. Priceless

In it, he and another man perform a rap song sprinkled with racial epithets and references to violence, which jeeringly mentions a mother crying in a morgue.

The victim in the murder case, Darius Powell, 20, died in August 2006, hours after he was beaten with a gun so severely that his skull caved in, Commonwealth's Attorney Earle C. Mobley said at Sutton's sentencing Wednesday.

Sutton contended that the video was not expressing anything he wanted to do but was "like art."

Mobley said it was not art, but "bragging."

Circuit Judge Kenneth R. Melvin stood up and leaned over the bench to watch the act on the court clerk's computer before passing sentence. After hearing from both sides, he gave Sutton 25 years' active time, as well as 18 years suspended. He also gave him 10 years' supervised probation.

Melvin indicated that crimes Sutton committed while out on bond concerned him. He told Sutton that being free during that time was a rare opportunity and that he did not take advantage of it.

Sutton was convicted of drug possession back at home in Newark, N.J. He also was convicted of selling heroin, according to prosecutors.

During the hearing, Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Ed Ferreira asked Sutton how long he sold the drug. He answered about a month. Ferreira asked him how many times he had sold it. Sutton answered maybe 10 transactions.

Sutton, who was 17 at the time of Powell's death, testified Wednesday that it was a co-defendant who killed Powell.

He said he was in a car with three other people when one of them saw Powell and thought he was someone who had robbed them previously. He said that when he got out of the car with Morris C. Walker, he had a gun in his pocket, but he only meant to scare Powell.

He said he remained five feet away and that it was Walker who made Powell get down on the ground, went through his pockets and then beat him in the head with a shotgun.

Walker, 53, of Goldsboro, N.C., had earlier pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to 37 years in prison.

When Sutton pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in July, Detective R.M. Holley testified that both Sutton and Walker had beaten the victim with guns.

Sutton's lawyer, Stephen B. Plott, argued that there was no evidence of the victim's DNA on the handgun his client had. Sutton also pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Detective Kenneth L. Gavin of the police department's gang suppression unit said he was familiar with Sutton and that he had been observed with members of a Bloods gang on several occasions.

Mobley said later that Powell was not the man who had robbed Sutton.

He also said that Sutton was out on bail over prosecutors' objections.

It took a long time to get to trial partly because Sutton was shot and hospitalized in New Jersey and also because of pending charges there, he said.

Mobley told the judge that those three years had given Sutton plenty of time to demonstrate remorse or to change.

Instead, he said, that time gave a "glimpse of what Jah-Youth Sutton is all about," he said.


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