Germany - Refugees housed in concentration camp Dachau

Botanical Gardens camp Dachau, become a new home for refugees from Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. Because of the constant burden of thousands of refugees from the Middle East that Germany is suffering, some migrants had to be accommodated in facilities of the former concentration camp Dachau.

The German system of social protection and a migrant crisis suffered a lot of pressure, so Beavis Dachau concentration camp near Munich, for some fifty of the most vulnerable, the homeless and refugees, became the new home.

They are placed in the botanical garden of Dachau, which is located across the street from the main building of the camp surrounded by guard towers, the roofs wrapped in barbed wire.

The prisoners of the camp believe that the garden Bothnian be turned into a memorial, while local authorities have justified that they need to place for those who have nowhere to go, according to the British newspaper.

On the other hand, many cities in Germany are struggling to find adequate housing for refugees.

Migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and stored in areas designated for fairs and tents for festivals beer.

In July, it sparked public anger of the authorities in Bochum, which is planned that 100 refugees placed in containers in the cemetery.

Some believe that most of the refugees should be sent to the East because of the many buildings that whirring empty. However, many migrants are reluctant to consent to dwell in the east, for fear of failure rightists. Just last year, 47 percent of racially motivated attacks occurred in the eastern part of the country, although there lives only 17 percent of the total population of Germany.

So far, more than 500.000 people left Syria. They run away from war, terror, isis / isil, terrorists, famine etc.