Anna Nicole Smith's Assistant Speaks Out

Anna Nicole Smith?s former assistant Kimberly Walther claims that Howard K Stern is lying about his relationship with Anna Nicole.

After watching Howard?s testimonies in court this week, Kimberly, who worked with the pair while filming the reality show The Anna Nicole Smith Show in 2002, wrote on her website: ?Howard ? you lied on the stand ? You said you do not gain [monetarily] by being executor of Anna Nicole?s will? What about that document you had her sign once you won the huge award from [the] Howard Marshall estate? Do you get 10 percent or 100 percent? ? What a f***ing liar!?

?You never slept in the same bed with Anna! You crawled in there after she fell asleep. She never invited you to her bed! The burial plots [in the Bahamas] were bought by you, you sicko. That is the only way you could think of to finally get to sleep next to her each night. After you are dead - because it wasn?t happening while she was living.?

Kimberley added is plotting revenge: ?I?m going to show up, when you least expect me! I have my own tapes. You had no right making a fool out of Anna like you did.?

But won?t see him face to face: ?Do I ever want to see your snout again? No, I value my health too much and your track record is not good - people are [dying] around you.?
- video encodings still in process -


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