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what is fema and the truth that you need to know

Most people think FEMA is a organization to look out for most of the civilian's better interest dealing with emergency situations. but in fact they are training for martial law they are also training to jail and house enemies of the NWO and they are also undergoing military training to disarm America in the wake of martial law. they will move from emergency relief to captors and jail guards. it is already public, the training they are undergoing. so beware what the future and FEMA's intent with innocent ppl like you and me. bases all over the states are slowly looking like jails/ concentration camps. so be careful what you say and who you say it about because laws are already being passed that slowly take away your freedom of speech. and with the patriot act even you could be seen as a terrorist if convenient to you government. so rise up and stop giving away your rights before you make

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