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Crisis in Europe from a New Zealand Perspective

"Why aren’t we being shown Europe in deep trouble?


That supposed refugees shown above, aggressively refused water offered by the Red Cross because the Cross is a Christian symbol, has shocked many, asking why we are so selectively shown scenes only of pathos when our media comment on the refugee crisis in Europe. Nor have we been shown a disturbing demonstration by hundreds of immigrant Muslims in Macedonia shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is greater”) while rejecting Red Cross meals distributed by Macedonian troops, because the food was not halal. i.e. legally permissible according to Islamic Sharia law.

The predominance of aggressive, rootless young men now abroad in Europe is not a hopeful sign – and any country with its roots embedded in those Christian values under-pinning European civilisation, but which neverthele


Added: Oct-15-2015 
By: Cernunnos
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