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Ultra-Orthodox IDF soldiers save Palestinians, Video of IDF 669 rescue unit saving Arab family from the recent floods

Lifesaving cooperation occurred Tuesday between Ultra-Orthodox IDF troops and Palestinians who were trapped in a stream growing violent due to the stormy weather.

Soldiers of the IDF's haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) battalion Netzah Yehuda managed to rescue three Palestinian men before the fierce currents washed over them. Ynet obtained a documentation of the rescue.
The IDF troops were called to an area near the Nablus River, where, they were told, cars were stranded with their drivers trapped in a constantly intensifying current.

The storm was too severe for helicopters to arrive at the scene, and the battalion commander resorted to utilizing a Palestinian's tractor that was passing by.

The commander mounted the tractor, as he and the owner drove toward the trapped cars, rescuing three men. A fourth man is known to have also been trapped in the river, but he was not found and was reporte

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