FHSU Professor cusses and mooning students and teachers during debate

Video of Fort Hays State Debate Coach Bill Shanahan in the heated debate.
The video prompted a campus wide investigation.

Part of it involves Professor Bill Shanahan mooning the woman he's arguing with.

But all of the video has Shanahan screaming at a debate judge after a debate on race.

The exchange happened back in March at the National Quarter Finals of the Cross Examination Debate Association.

Last week, the video was released on the internet.
"Bill is a non-conformist, he's a maverick, he's a very provocative teacher," said Fort Hays Provost Larry Gould.
He said he's known Shanahan for 15 years, and he explained what he believes happened.

"What seems to be the provacateur for all of this," he said Monday afternoon, "is the idea that debaters are allowed to strike two judges, and in this case, there were 5 judges, and the Fort Hays State University team struck two judges who had given them low scores in the past.
One of them happened to be a black female, and that set the thing off."

The nearly 9 minute diatribe is prompting a campus investigation. "And we're sure that there's probably some facts and information that's just not available," said Gould. "I mean, you see a lot on the video, but we need to make sure everything is revealed before we take any action."

At this point, there's no word on what kind of reprimand - if any - Shanahan faces.

But another professor caught on tape at the debate wanted to make sure students who saw the exchange got a message.

Debates on touchy subjects like race can offend people. Said ML Sandoz of Vanderbilt University: "I wish everyone would recognize the importance of these issues and stop to think about the consequences they're having on real people."

We could not reach Shanahan at home or at work for a comment.