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Just a small example of the big picture - cbs, nbc, abc, fox are pure propaganda

I was just channel surfing and i ran across this show, Power of 10, hosted by Drew Carey, i took a picture of the question because it just seemed to be a good example of the big brother state, Orwell's 1984, and the whole controlling of the masses idea. Just like you think you have a choice for president, but you don't. Most people would hear the question and not even think twice about it, it would just be a normal thing to think about. Drew Carey said "Hey come on I don't think an American would just be like hey lets put Bin Laden in jail for life" and was advocating for killing Bin Laden. I don't know about the show or how the game goes and i don't really care, it just seems that i run across this relentlessly without even searching for it. Its not a big deal, just a sample thing i noticed.


Added: Jan-2-2008 
By: ckmakaveli420
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