Oooppppssss I should get a Darwin Award.

I should get a Darwin Award for this fine example of what not to do. I was so busy doing everything but my job LOL. I can be a real block head at times.

While filming for the movie, we had 3 or 4 guns out all at the same time and had a lot going on and well I have to admit I lost track, and Oooppppssss!!! What can I say, shoot me LOL. No one was hurt as the area was clear at the time, and after we looked at the clip we all laughed our asses off about it ... enjoy.

BTW this is our new model and we want to keep her around. You guys can all talk shit to me and about me and I could care less but I will Delete and Block anyone who says nasty or inappropriate stuff about her.

[video credit: Liza Trainer /]