War in Macedonia 2001 - The Truth (video attaching to macedonia church burned by muslims)

muslims waging immigration jihad.

muslims wages immigration jihad to overcome local population and this video is to expose islamic
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Emotional video which tells the truth about the war in Macedonia in 2001 when the Republic of Macedonia was attacked by the Albanian terrorists with their idea for the so called "Great Albania". Today many people want to give a wrong picture about the situation in Macedonia in 2001 and are trying to manipulate with their lies that the war in 2001 was for some "human rights". Everyone, including the Albanians knows that in 2001 they were fighting for greater Albania. The Macedonians wouldn't allow any changes to the country's borders and in every moment are ready to die for their homeland.

According to Wikipedia there were 72 Macedonians and around 3000 Albanians dead